Margherita Pizza (Gluten Free)

Happy Memorial Day!! Thank you so much to all the service men and women out there for protecting our freedoms, you are appreciated so much.
As promised, here is my Margherita Pizza recipe! It is a little different than traditional Margherita Pizza (as in I use sauce instead of Olive Oil) however, it is just as tasty!

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Pizza Crust

 We all know that great pizza starts out with a great crust! Since I haven’t mastered a homemade gluten-free crust yet, Bob does the job perfectly!

Sister Nurse usually makes the crust because she is the expert, however; she does warn to cook the crust longer than the package says or else the crust turns out soggy (which I have experienced….)

Since my dad has yet to jump on the veggies-on-your-pizza ban wagon, we make him a separate pizza with turkey pepperoni on it. 🙂

Anyway, cook the crust according to the package (whether you use a GF crust or not).

While your crust is cooking/rising, start preparing your toppings….Tomatoes, Onions, and fresh Basil (or dry if you don’t have fresh).

Next, in the spices cabinet,  you will need Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, and Basil, if you are not using fresh.

For the sauce, I just use a can of Ragu, however; feel free to use whatever sauce you prefer. 🙂

Now comes the time to assemble your pizza

First apply the sauce, then line the tomatoes and onions all around….next, sprinkle your fresh basil, garlic powder, and ground pepper. As to serving sizes, I really don’t measure….I would advise to put as much or little as you like. I generally add a lot of all three spices since I love them all. 🙂

Put on your part-skim mozzarella cheese….

Annndd bake away! Usually I only have to put it in for about 5-10 mins. more since the crust is already cooked.

Devour with your family. 🙂

Simple. Quick. Fun. Delicious

What is your favorite pizza or pizza toppings??


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