Yoga Meltdown

My Memorial day started with a lovely walk with these guys

 And a yummy breakfast

Love grown granola, raisins, and milk

Does anyone else love eating cereal out of a mug?? Also, I am addicted to love grown granola, but why does it have to be so expensive!? Especially when you eat half the bag 3 times the serving size per breakfast bowl.

And lets not forget one of the best fruits of summer….

                                                                                                                             Sweet, red, and juicy watermelon….  AMAZING.

Next, I had a yoga date with this drill sergeant

And after 11 and 1/2 mins. this happened…..

Does anyone else have a hard time doing yoga? I love it so much (especially how I feel afterwards) but always seem unable to hold the poses long enough. However, since I am working on a new balance, I stopped at 11.5 mins and listened to my body. I used to beat myself  up about this, but not anymore…besides I’m sure the more I practice, the better I will get. (Plus I am really not the a flexible person…I have never been able to touch my toes haha)

Anyways, after my yoga meltdown, I spent the day with my family where we saw a movie and went to one of my favorite places…Frozen Yogurt! Unfortunetly I did not have my camera with me to show you my concoction, but no worries, fro-yo is in my daily diet so I’m sure you will be hearing about it way to much alot. 🙂

Do you have frozen yogurt places where you live? If so, what is your favorite topping to put on your frozen yogurt?

Last summer about a billion yogurt places popped up, and seven are within 5-10 mins from my house. I can sadly proudly say I have tried them all, multiple times. 🙂 My favorite toppings are fruit, gummy anything (bears, worms, fish), butterscotch chips, and caramel cups.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Meltdown

  1. I love yoga, too…but I have had to work up to loving it. It’s waaay harder than I expected when I first gave it a shot. I’m glad to know Jillian Michael’s is good…I’ll have to give it a shot.

    • Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad I’m not the only one, my goal this summer is to work up to holding the poses longer 🙂 I did like this DVD but it wasn’t my favorite, it was much more “Jullian” style than traditional yoga, but I’m sure its because she made it more of a workout and not just yoga.

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