Ta Ta for Now

Hey y’all! Just wanted to let you know I’m going out-of-town for a week and will be stranded in a remote place that does not get any reception so therefore, no blogging for a week. But no worries, I’ll come back and give you a full recap. 🙂


Puffins, Mesa Sunrise cereal, half a banana, strawberries, and milk

Oh yes, it was as good as it looks. One of those bowls you never want to end 🙂

So here is some good advice….need help studying for the ACT?? Just take  a snack break every 15 mins and count that in your study time.

 Please, tell me what happened to no homework during the summer? Oh well, eating a toasted PB sandwich on a pretty paper plate made the suffering studying a little bit more bearable.


Member how I told you my sister and mom got some goodies at a gluten-free meeting? No? Ok go read this post. Anyway, I tried these….

They were okay. Apparently a Cassava Root is grown in Africa (my sister went there last summer and tried some) and is eaten frequently there. These chips were more sweet than they were salty and personally when I eat chips, I prefer salty (ok really I just prefer Sour Cream and Onion chips anytime, any day). So basically, I don’t think I will be buying them but hey, now I can say I have eaten Cassava root 🙂

Well, thats about it. See you in a week, have a great one!

 Are you going on vacation this summer? If so, what are you planning to do your vacation?

I was kinda hoping for the beach this year…but I can definitely say that is FAR from where we are going. Thats my only hint, I’ll tell you where I’m going when I get back 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ta Ta for Now

  1. I had cereal and strawberries this morning too! There’s really nothing better (though I have to admit I wish I’d had some honey sunshine cereal to add to my mix as well!).

    I just got back from my vacation in Atlanta – it was amazing and I’m already planning another trip! Hope you have a great time away 🙂

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