America’s Greatest State (Part 1)

Hey bloggies! It’s good to be back and catch up on all your posts…boy, do you miss a lot when you’re gone a week. So this year for vacation my family went to COLORADO! We went to visit my sister who works on a ranch about an hour or so from Colorado Springs in a very small town. We had such a blast living in a cabin, horseback riding, hiking the great Rocky Mountains, white water rafting, smores making, and spending time in our favorite state. Remind me again how we end up in 105 degrees Texas? The weather was perfect there and I think I had a mini heat stroke coming back. Anyway I thought I would give you a recap in pictures of some of the stuff we did. Here goes!

Where I Went

The Rocky MountainsThe Sangres Mountain Range


The Sangres Mountain Range

What I Did

Bishops Castle (A castle made by ONE man out of iron...UHmazing)


My sister, Alicia, the cowgirl of the family! Thanks for all the fun!! Your the best wrangler I know.


SO. MANY. ROCKS. This was the hardest hike I've was all up hill at 13,000 ft. elevation.


HikingCrossing the great unkown 😉

But, the view was worth it. Lake of the Clouds…a beautiful Alpine Lake up in the mountains.

I really wish I had a Cowboy Church where I lived because this place was a blast!


The girls of the family! (me, mom, Alicia, Jess) Can you tell we needed a shower?

So after a frustrating couple HOURS, the pictures on this post keep getting deleted when I saved it as a draft sooo you don’t have all the pictures I wanted to show you (no, don’t act relieved!).  However, I am doing a part two of my vacation which will consist of the eats!
So stay tuned…and pray all my pictures don’t get deleted on my part 2 post!

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