America’s Greatest State (Part 2)

Hey bloggies, I’m back from my vacation! Her is part 2 of my trip…the page filled with all the eats! Click here to read part 1 first.
I forgot to take alot of pictures because frankly, I forgot. Hey, I am on vacation. This trip consisted of ice cream almost every day, dessert atleast twice a day, and enough bags of chips to feed a village in Africa. Veggies showed their face once…maybe twice.
What I Ate


So guess what? Yep, I had problems with the pictures deleting on this post also. So, all the captions I had for the pictures didn’t work so if you have any questions to what stuff is, just ask 🙂
The cup that say earthchoice (and the pic of me holding the cup) was the best food part of the trip…a Chai Tea Shake. UHmazing!! I really want to recreate it so if you have any suggestions that would be great.
And since your wondering, yes, I did drink a blue dyed, sugary, syrupy, sugar coated slushie. Why? because I was thirsty, and on vacation…so calories don’t count.

2 thoughts on “America’s Greatest State (Part 2)

  1. Ooooh tootsie roll pops, peanut butter m&ms and s’mores are like 3 of my favorite things! Those look so delicious!

    I was recently in Colorado (Aspen) for the Winter X games. It was AMAZING. Such a beautiful place 🙂

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