My neighbors had their first baby this week.

So I made them these cupcakes.

I absolutely LOVED making this cupcakes since I was pretty sad about leaving Colorado and baking in the universal foodie cure for sadness.

I went to Jessica’s blog for some cupcake decorating inspiration.

And felt pretty satisfied how they turned out. ‘Course it helped being home alone, singing loudly listening to my favorite country station, and feeling like cake boss. Now I know why he loves his job.

Baking is so therapeutic. I’m off to bake more cupcakes tomorrow for a friend coming home from Germany!

Maybe I can pay convince someone else to clean up the  mess though?







So, judging from the pictures, do you think they had a boy or girl?


*Check out this girls blog for an AWESOME workout gear giveaway!! If you don’t want to give your name, just enter mine 😉

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