Cake Kick

I think I’m on a cake baking kick. You remember the cupcakes, right?

Well, yesterday I made gluten-free angel food cake al la this recipe.

It turned out pretty good, considering it was my first time to make it!

But whats angel food cake without the toppings??

Why the occasion you ask? It was my moms birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom!! Your one of the most valuable people in my life and I thank God for our close and special relationship. Someday I hope to be half the mom and wife you are. (And if I am, I know I’ll do just fine in this thing called life.)


Then today, I made cupcakes for a friend, and of course had to sample one. (Ok, two.)

Let me just say, if life’s got you down…go decorate cupcakes! It’s so fun and relaxing, and you get to lick your fingers clean afterwards 😉

Oh and for the record, Topy liked the angel food cake 🙂


Hope your enjoying this (hot!) sunny Sunday!

(P.S. Check out my newly updated About page!!)

6 thoughts on “Cake Kick

  1. I definitely went on a baking spree last week myself. I really wish I had a bakery because I love to bake but then I can’t eat it all!

    So sweet of you to make a cake for your Mom’s birthday. My mom’s b-day is coming up in August and I can’t WAIT to bake for her 🙂

  2. So i finally got a a moment off and rushed to town with one perpous in mind – get internet so i can see my own lit sis’s blog!!!! well here i am and i absolutely LOVE it what an inspiration you are to me and now can be to others. keep it up i am SOOOO PROUD of ya i almost started cryin while readin it all (i mean i had dust in my eyes ya know the CO wind lol) Love ya tons your blog is amazin darlin!!!!!!!!!!!!

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