I’m Back

Whoa! It’s been so long! So sorry for not posting the past 2 weeks + a couple of days. I got back late Friday from a 2 week college experience and well, I’ve been catching up on my sleep since then and haven’t posted. Boy, college really does equal no sleep….I’m going to try to spend my last year of high school getting extra hours to sleep so I can use them up in college!

However, I can honestly say these past 2 weeks were some of the best of my life. I have made life long friends I know that I will keep through college and may have even found my roommate/suitmates! I even met a girl from Alaska! Go figure.

I took a whole 11 pictures while I was there because I decided I wanted to just enjoy myself and not worry about taking photos. Here is 2 of my favorite…(sorry for the blurry-ness…my camera was being stupid.)

The food was not so stellar and sometimes I wondered how I’m going to eat cafeteria food for 4 years….guess I’ll just have to get creative! Breakfast each day usually consisted of pop-tarts and fruit loops and one day for dinner I had two brownies and a milk shake. (I won’t mention that I had FIVE Chai Tea shakes in 2 weeks…) YIKES!  Thankfully my amazing sister had a Green Monster sitting on the counter when I got home….my body was screaming for some spinach! Despite that lack of substance and nutritious foods, I wouldn’t change a thing about my trip.

Today’s to-do list

recipe for blog —-> stay tuned!

clean/organize life room

schedule another college visit

search used cars


So tell me, how did you make it through college eating a fairly healthy diet? Any good tips you’d like to share? I could really use them!


4 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. I think the most important thing, especially considering that it seems you have a background with body distortion, is to realize that college is only four fun years and, even if you put on some weight, it’s not the end of the world!

    You just have to trust your body – it won’t let you just eat pop tarts day in and day out (because didn’t that green monster taste GOOD when you got home? Exactly). Your body knows best and, even if unhealthy food is featured a little too often (as is apt to happen in college) remember that you do walk a lot as a collegiette and are thus fairly active, plus focusing on weight too much can detract from the fun of the experience. You have the rest of your life to worry about your figure, you only do college once. Enjoy it!

    You’re a lovely girl, I hope college goes well for you (all too many develop eating disorders in college, usually based on a fear of the freshman 15 or a desire to be ‘healthy’). Good luck and stay strong! 🙂

    My blog (livinglearningeating@wordpress.com) also provides a pretty good look at what I think is balanced, healthy eating (and yes, ice cream IS involved – but so are veggies and tofu).

    • Thank you so so so much for this advice! It is the best I have heard yet! You are so right about it only being four fun years that I should focus on enjoying rather than worrying if I gain a little. I will definitely check out your blog and put in in my reader! Thanks again, girl!

      • I’m glad to hear it, and it definitely sounds like you have the right attitude! Congratulations on coming so far in your path to complete mental and physical well-being — it’s not about eating only so-called ‘good’ foods, exercising five times per week, or sleeping 8 hours every night. It’s about doing what you need to do to enjoy life! After all, what use is being ‘healthy’ but miserable?

        I’m glad you’ll check out my blog, it’s always so nice to have visitors 🙂

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