Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 1/5

My food choices as of lately have been any but food blog worthy. Eating out way to much, pizza munchies at 10:00pm, dessert after every meal….blah blah blah. Plus, breakfast has been the same exact thing for who knows how long. So in order to get myself back on track, I am challenging myself to a breakfast challenge.

I leave in 5 days to visit my crazy cowgirl sister for a week, so in the next five days, I am forcing myself to have a different breakfast each morning. Hopefully, starting out my day with a better breakfast will help me make better decisions the rest of the day. Don’t worry, I’m still going to enjoy my treat (or two) a day. But the rest of my meals are going to be much more healthy and thought out than they have been lately.

BBC Day 1:

One cup Cascadian Farm Oats and Honey Granola with one cup skim milk and cantaloupe.

So, not extremely creative but I thought of this challenge after I ate this so give me a break on this one. 🙂

What the heck, I’m going to throw in a workout challenge too since I don’t even remember the last time I graced the gym with my presence. 5 days, 5 work outs.

So there you have it….5 days, 5 new breakfast & 5 workouts.

Help me out here!! Got any good breakfast recipes or good motivation tips??

Also, I challenge you, if your breakfasts or workouts are lacking, to tackle this challenge with me! If you decide to, leave me a comment!


2 thoughts on “Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 1/5

  1. I’m defs tackling it with you!!! My breakfast this morning wasn’t bran new but it’s only the third time I’ve had it, Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Oatmeal (it’s on my blog!) and I’m going to work out. I need to find a circuit that looks interesting. 🙂

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