Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 4/5

So, I have really enjoyed this breakfast/workout challenge. It’s just what I needed to get me back into my groove 🙂

Last night I spent the night with my sister at her brand-new downtown apartment where we enjoy a gluten-free dinner, Soul Surfer and….a great breakfast to go along with my challenge!

BBC Day 4

2 slices gluten-free french toast (on Udi’s GF bread) plus a side of un-pictured eggs


Can anyone else not believe that summer is almost over? I have 3 weeks till school starts and am dreading dreading dreading it.

On the bright side though, I am ending my summer with a great adventure in Colorado with my cowgirl sister!! I leave tomorrow morning and am beyond excited. (So if you don’t see a post tomorrow, you know what happened. I will eat a creative breakfast but as for the workout…I’m going to count running from one airport gate to the other to catch my next flight as my final workout of the challenge.)

Happy Thursday!

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