Cookie Coma

Hey friends! Happy Labor Day! It truely feels like a holiday here because it is 65 degrees outside! I feel like it should be Christmas or something since we have barely been out of the 100’s the whole summer.

Today started off with an energizing and healthy breakfast, which is a good thing because a sugar high occured later….

1 cup plain yogurt with 1/2 pack of stevia and a tsp. lime juice, half and apple, oats and almonds

So every year at my school, the high school goes on a retreat in the fall that the Seniors plan EVERYTHING. We book the place, plan the entire budget and schedule, design the shirts, patrol the underclassmen, you name it, the seniors do it. Plus, the staff tries to sabotage our hard efforts to make us realize what its like in the real world (aka last year they cancelled the buses last-minute on the seniors and no one knew). Every senior is paired with a partner (1 boy, 1 girl) and you have a small group of about 10 underclassmen (I have juniors) who you spend the most time on retreat with and teach them lessons, play games, and just be there for them. Soooo in order to get to know my kids, I baked them a bazillion cookies this morning, which I hope (and expect!) them to appreciate. To spare the details I’ll show you my baking frenzy in pictures:

The large cookie (with a oreo inside!) recipe can be found here And the rainbow cookies are from Miss How Sweet- (sorry, that link attacher thingy isn’t working, and hasn’t for the past couple days…any suggestions?)

I’m pretty sure my one of my top ten dreams is to meet Jessica from How Sweet it Is and take cooking lessons from her. Kinda like a Julie and Julia thing? (By the way, if you haven’t seen that movie, you MUST. It’s my all time favorite.)

Well, I’m off to go box up these cookies and taste test a few more.

Hey, I think I deserve it…I did work on labor day.


3 thoughts on “Cookie Coma

  1. I’m totally going to use that breakfast idea!!!! 🙂 Looks tasty. I live in Austin TX and I too am sooo surprised at the lovely weather. I wish it was like this every day, everywhere. Have fun at your retreat!!! (and I hope the teachers don’t sabotage it TOO much)

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