Digestive System

Why yes, that would be the digestive system on a cookie cake. Try not to be too grossed out.

I am taking Anatomy and Physiology this year and every group was assigned a system and well, my friend and I got the digestive system (which I secretly wanted!)

All though I am still not an expert on the digestive system, I can tell you one thing. Consuming all the candy on this cake is not good for your digestive system. Please don’t ask how I know. Why do you think we had a shortage of reeses for the liver even though we bought the family pack?

What was/ is your favorite subject in school??

I have always enjoyed health (but not any other sciences) and economics!


5 thoughts on “Digestive System

  1. I like chemistry and biology, plus any math class!!! 🙂 Really any class with a good teacher, actually. That cake is adorable!! Whenever we have visual projects somebody always makes a cake and makes me happy. Last year I made a candy sculpture to show a process of photosynthesis.

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