Busy, Busy, Busy.

Fall is getting closer! Fall is my favorite season (weather wise) but also one of the busiest. Not just for me but for my family also….both my parents jobs seem to get busier than they already are. Not to mention I have been spending hours planning, organizing, and shopping for retreat (starts on Sunday!!) With all this craziness, my nutrition consumption has been lacking. The past 4 dinner have been fast food or frozen dinners…see for yourself….


Chick-fil-a (unpictured) Chargrilled fruit salad and medium fries


I know. Hopefully you already ate dinner….

This actually was real [frozen dinner] food, believe it or not. A shout out to who can guess what it is!!!


Sprouts has a great gluten free frozen pizza that I love for a quick dinner. (Usually I load it with veggies but were fresh out)

This was ok except for the fact that I wasn’t in the mood for pizza. And I burnt it (yet still ate the whole thing). And it was my 3rd night of unhealthy-ness.


So I really wanted a salad since I was eating so healthy (ha!) and decided to go to Wendys because I love their new Berry Almond Salad. However, they forgot to send out the memo that they no longer have that salad, and that their “healthy” fries taste like cardboard. (Why then did I still eat them all?) So out of desperation and pressure from the rude drive through worker, I ordered a [fried] spicy caesar salad. So much for healthy. Don’t’ worry, I washed it all down with a couple starbursts.

And to top things off, I have consumed hundreds of handfuls of this….

Dang boy scouts. I don’t even like caramel corn that much.

I guess through this whole week, I have realized how much of  a stress-eater I am. Every night I have hopes of making something filling and healthy but just don’t have the time/energy. Plus, it’s hard when you don’t buy the groceries yourself. We are a pretty healthy family but don’t get much fruit other than apples and bananas and lettuce, carrots, and onions for veggies. When we do have more of a selection, I find I eat much healthier. But isn’t that how it usually works? Oh well, guess this is when the creative part of my brain is supposed to kick in, however, I think that part of my brain is too stressed with everything else. I’m hoping once retreat is over I will have some time to get my life back in order. 🙂

Question: In what way does stress affect your lifestyle?


4 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy.

  1. Uhhhh, I’m on the same way. My reason is the change of weather from nice and chilly to 80 in the afternoon just throws me though a loop for a week. I’m also new to this excersise and eating healthy stuff so going back to old habits is easy.

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