How to Make a Salad

Homework is consuming my life these days so instead of more yummy treats for you to drool over, I am sharing my “perspective essay” for english class with you because it is “How to Make a Salad.” (Now I’m off to write my explaining and descriptive essays…)

Happy Sunday.

     The word “salads” to many people is equivalent or equal to the words boring and bland. However, salads can be some of the most delectable dishes if prepared properly. First in preparing a salad, start with the vegetables, particularly lettuce. Some choices include romaine, ice berg, spinach, Swiss chard, arugula, and kale. Once the greens are washed and chopped, other preferred vegetables can be added such as: carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions, and corn. Fruit is also great on a salad as it adds a tangy, sweet taste. The most common fruits used on salads are tomatoes, apples, strawberries, mandarin oranges, and grapes. Next, and one of the most important parts of a salad, is the choice of protein to top it with. Some great sources of protein for your salad is chicken, steak, fish, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and cheese. Without a source of protein in a salad, the person enjoying the salad will go home hungry and dissatisfied. Protein on a salad is always a must unless it is a side salad complementing the main meal. Nuts and seeds are a great addition for people who like extra crunch in their meals, plus they provide many healthy Omega 3’s.  The last step in making a salad is picking the correct dressing to top it with. Some people after adding all the various toppings do not need a salad dressing however, most prefer one. Homemade dressings are usually the most flavorful and healthy, however some of the most common store bought are Ranch, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Balsamic Vinegar, and Italian. Once your salad is prepared and tossed, grab a fork and enjoy the wonderful blend of flavors and textures.


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