Caramel Latte

If you don’t know already, I love Starbucks. Yes, I am that American who loves walking into the quaint and heavenly smelling store, just to spend $3.50 for a tall drink. I love the over powering smell, the Christmas cups, the friendly faces, and most of all, the skinny Caramel Latte’s. Be still my heart, they are so good. Hot or iced, I will take it either way, any day.

However, since I work only 15 hours a week and make minimum wage, my Starbucks addiction only gets fulfilled two or three times a month. My friend the other day had the most brilliant suggestion, Why not make your own?? ….Duh…. Sure you don’t get the fun atmosphere or the cool cups, but you also don’t spend half your salary.

So, today was the day.

Well, really it started last week with the purchase of some Caramel syrup (sweetened with Splenda!)

To start off, place your syrup in the bottom of your mug (a Christmas one preferably). I used about a table-spoon; however, it was sweeter than I would have liked so next time I will use a bit less.

Next, measure 3/4 cup of milk

And place in a small sauce pan on medium heat. Next, whisk, whisk, whisk the milk for about a minute and a half to two minutes. Start off slowly whisking then gradually work up to mega-fast whisking.

Once your milk is frothy, pour it on the syrup in your cup. This was the first time I ever “frothed” milk and it totally makes a difference! Much sweeter and creamier. (Plus you don’t need a $100 machine to do the job, just a little bicep workout!)

Finally, take your coffee (yes, I realize latte’s are made with espresso but we don’t have any and coffee works just as fine, only a little less stronger in taste.)

Measure 1/3 cup (you probably could use more if you want it stronger) and pour it in your mug on top of the frothed milk….

 Stir, consume, and die a little inside because of the amazing-ness.

Ta-da! One skinny Caramel Latte for hardly any $$ coming right up.

Needless to say, I consumed this in about 2 minutes.

Plus, I think I started a new Sunday tradition.

Are you a fan of Starbucks? What is your favorite drink/drink combination?

I love Starbucks (and always will!); however, recently my friend and I have been trying out some different local coffee shops and they are amazing too….not to mention I found one that has chai shakes (my other love).

2 thoughts on “Caramel Latte

  1. Mmmmm looks so good!!! 🙂 I don’t go to starbucks that often cause it’s too much $$ for a poor high school student like myself. Unless it has tons of milk and sweetener coffee gives me a stomachache but i think i’ll try this!! I don’t actually know what chai tastes like but i’m gonna get myself some chai tea cause all my friends love it. happy halloween!!

    • haha I’m waiting for the day Starbucks gets a $1 menu (although I don’t think that will ever happen)! Let me know if you like it! And as for chai tea, I like it but, I LOVE chai shakes (quite possibly because all the ice cream 🙂

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