Veggie Fair

You know you’re pretty special when the Texas State Veggie Fair has been written on your calendar for months.

That’s right, this past weekend my mom, oldest sister, and I headed to the veggie fair where we tried veggie, vegan, and vegetarian everything. It was glorious.

We went to the 12:30, “Get Vegucated” class which was a nutritionist talking about how to make daily steps to improving your health. She was vegan (which I am not) and had some great points. However, she wasn’t a registered dietician so you had to filter through some stuff you knew wasn’t exactly correct. Cheese is a drug? I don’t think so…

Obviously, “healthy” ice cream was in order….

(I decided to go along with the healthy and natural theme and not wear make up or do my hair. You’re welcome. Why else would I buy sun glasses to cover half my face?)

Overall I has a splendid time and got lots of pamphlets and coupons which I have yet to filter through….

One of my favorites was the “Nutrition Rainbow.” I love color coded things….

Last but not least, as if we didn’t have enough ice cream + samples, we stopped for dinner at a place I have wanted to try in forever!! They finally came to Texas.

That’s right, In and Out Burgers, ladies and gentlemen. Yum! We ordered them “protein style” (aka wrapped in lettuce) to avoid gluten and they were delicious!

Great way to end a great day.

What is something that has made your day great lately??

Besides the veggie fair, I would have to go with this.

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