Fall Moments

Today, I attempted to create Cait style pancakes.

I think they turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself 🙂

However, my pictures are still lacking compared to Cait’s! Guess that’s what you get with a $100 camera and a photographer with no experience.

YUM. Cait sure knows how to start the morning off great!

I didn’t have strawberries or peaches which would have made it even better. I used 2 Van’s Gluten Free Organic waffles, grapes, vanilla Chobani yogurt, and lots of pure maple syrup.

These gave me just enough fuel to go on a lovely fall walk. Gahhhh, I LOVE fall.

The sight of the trees and leaves.

The smell of the clean, crisp air.

And the feel of the cool and refreshing wind.


Why can’t fall last as long as Texas summers?

Happy Saturday, make it a refreshing one!


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