Twins + Easy Egg Burrito

As I was cracking eggs this lovely Sunday morning to make an egg burrito, I discovered twins.


Thats right, twins. I almost started crying as I exclaimed to my mom, “I’m killing twins, this is so awful!”

But then I remembered I had a higher duty…aka the blog, and quickly asked my mom to hold it as I ran for my camera.

If you are wondering, I couldn’t get myself to eat them, it was too sad, so I cracked a different egg and thew this one away. Sorry chicks.

Anyway, enough of my emotional disorders….

Easy Egg Burrito (made with some leftovers!)

Start with your tortilla (I used a gluten-free brown rice one) and smear with some guacamole you confiscated from Chipotle.

Next cook some scrambled eggs (I used 2 egg whites and 1 yolk)

Grab your shredded cheddar cheese and put a generous handful on it

And finally, top with some tomatoes (I had two slices leftover from making pizza the other night and just chopped them up).

Roll up and enjoy with a semi-clear conscience since you didn’t eat twins.


Have a great Sunday, hope it’s more enjoyable than studying for economics and gathering information to debate why Big Foot doesn’t exist!

And just incase you are wondering, I did have one of these today. The tradition is started.

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