31 years.

My parents celebrated their 31st anniversary this past week. I know, they are AMAZING. I’ll never understand why God blessed me with such sacrificial and loving parents, but I ain’t complaining!

So instead of gifts this year (because I always have the hardest time finding them something), I decided to treat them to a nice dinner/dessert at home where I did the cooking and cleaning. (Okay, my mom did help a little, but that’s cause she is awesome, remember?)

Main Course:

Easy Parmesan Baked Tilapia

This truly was easier than I thought (I had a harder time de-frosting them!) and they both loved it. I did too 🙂

Side Dish:

Twice baked potatoes (sweet for my mom and I and good ‘ol white for the man of the house!). I simply cooked them in the microwave and added plain greek yogurt, a little bit of butter, cheddar cheese, a splash of milk, onions (we had no chives), salt, pepper, and garlic.

And for the best part…


Ice Cream Sundae 4 Layer Chocolate Cake! (I knew with a name that long it had to be good)

Boy, oh boy was it delicious. My mom laughed when she saw it and said, “You made an entire cake for 3 people???”
It was gone in 2.5 days.

My dad told me he knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday cake in January. I felt pretty proud 😉

Happy 31st, Mom and Dad.

I love you so much.


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