Dear Thanksgiving Break,

You have never been more needed. These past few days have felt like weeks and weeks have felt like months.

My to-do list is miles long and I am tickled pink about it.

Please stay for a while.

Love, Nicole.

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I need your help! I am trying out new themes for my blog (because I can get bored very easily) and want your advice on the current one. I like that this one is more “cut and clean” but am not sure if it’s too boring? (Someday I hope to grow my blog and get it professionally designed and have sponsors, but all in due time, right?) Also, do you think for a food blog I should have something more “food blog” looking? Please, please just leave a comment on what you think, your opinion matters most to me!

UPDATE: I re-did the header again (thanks to my amazing sister who did the whole thing! I would have been so lost…) and really really love it now! Let me now what you think!


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