Reality and Banana Bread

Since reality starts back tomorrow, I decided to spend the day as distracted from my depression as possible. 🙂

I slept in, went for a glorious walk (its like fall here!), made a yummy breakfast and some humus for my sister, got organized for school tomorrow, and baked my first Babycakes recipe!!

Banana Bread (but not just any Banana Bread, Babycakes Banana Bread.)

While making the bread, I tried to imagine that I was working at Babycakes, getting ready  for the morning rush. As I was mixing the dough and folding in the bananas, I was reminded of how much of a comfort baking is.

I was a little nervous because I substituted canola oil for coconut oil (cheaper) and used regular milk instead of rice milk.

However, it turned out great! You cannot even tell that there is no sugar 🙂 The only thing is the middle seems to be a little un-done, which has been happening to breads I have been cooking lately so it may be our oven or maybe its me!

And as I was reaching for my third slice and refilling my chai tea latte, I felt peace. Peace of all God’s brought me through and has in store for me. Peace with my workouts. And most importantly [right now] peace about getting through 136 more days of high school.


10 thoughts on “Reality and Banana Bread

  1. I personally was lucky enough to get to try the banana bread and it was quite delicious!!!! Great work lit sis 🙂 you the best as usual!!!!!!!!!! love the cowgirl

  2. This looks so so delicious! I love how puffy and moist the bread looks! You left out the chocolate chips? AHHH! Haha just kidding! I love simple banana bread too!

    You are SO close to finishing high school! I remember counting down the days months and months before finishing! Just keep you chin up and you’ll be graduated in no time!

    • haha I know, how could I leave out the chocolate?! I did it for the goodness of some family members who do not prefer chocolate in their banana bread. 🙂 Next time though…
      Thanks so much, I’m getting very excited about graduation!

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