Tuesday Things

Cait’s breakfast puts me to shame every. single. day.  I think she should open her own breakfast cafe.

So we all have jumped on the train of dark chocolate being good for you (ok I have…its my new multi-vitamin) but are you eating the right kind?

Speaking of fashion-have I told you I’m becoming a wanna-be fashionista? This girl is my biggest inspiration…I love her outfits and how cute she is!

(If you are wondering why there are no commas in this post it’s because the key is stuck on my keyboard and I can’t un-stick it. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I eat at the computer and you aren’t supposed to drop granola on the keyboard.)

I have wanted to go to Seattle for a pretty long time now and thanks to Teri I want to go even more now!

I have been playing this song on repeat for the last hour.

(My sister caught me stealing my dad’s Nut-trition can [which he got for Christmas]. To bad I just woke up and am still in my pajamas and have bed head. But blogs are all about being real right?)

Happy {Random} Tuesday!

{Recipe Coming Soon!}

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