A Day of Eats

Today I am going to show you my usual “day of eats.” I have been working on this post for a while, so I hope you like it!

I have wanted to jump on the “What I Ate Wednesday” train, but unfortunately, never capture everything I eat on camera. So, I decided I would just collaborate some of my pictures and show you what I typically eat.

6:30- Breakfast

9:30- Morning snack

11:30- Lunch

3:00- Afternoon snack

6:00ish- Dinner

8:00- Dessert

Weekends are a little different since I wake up later. Usually I have a bigger breakfast on weekends and no morning snack.

Breakfast: Breakfast is slowly becoming one of my favorite meals. I can often be found cooking an egg, pouring milk on a cereal concoction, slathering my pancakes in syrup, or crunching on a granola and fruit yogurt mix. I also think breakfast is the most photographic meal. 🙂

Lunch: Is probably my least favorite meal of the day because Monday-Friday I pack it and bring it to school. Usually a sandwich, cheese stick, fruit, and veggie are found in my brown paper sack. On weekends however, it’s often a veggie quesadilla, egg sandwich, or pasta!

Snacks: My morning snack usually consists of something small; a handful of nuts, a granola bar, or some trail mix. My afternoon snack is much larger (as that seems to be when I am most hungry during the day!) and consists of yogurt and granola, sweet potato fries, cheese and crackers, or a higher calorie granola bar (I usually have a piece of fruit in the afternoon also). Sometimes a caramel latte is a necessity to get over that “afternoon slump.” 🙂

Dinner: Is almost always cooked by my mom, hence I do not have many photos of it. Most nights will consist of a meat, carb, veggie, and a glass of milk. She makes the best Cesare salad in the world and we often have that at least twice a week. Stir-fry is a family favorite as is pizza, king-ranch chicken, tacos and really anything spicy! I consider my family pretty special that we all appreciate and love spicy food.

Dessert: There is only one thing I have to say on the subject- Is any day complete without dessert?

What does your food schedule look like? What is your favorite meal of the day?

Hope y’all enjoyed the post! I think this has been my most detailed-thought out one yet 🙂 Lets say it’s in celebration of now owning my  blog domain!

Check out my Recipe page to find some of the recipes to the meals I mentioned!


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