Self and Salad Love

I love taking care of my body. Now that I know how to properly fuel and take care of my body, life is so much more fun!

The feeling of getting a cold and planning what tea to drink and how to fuel up on the Vitamin C. It’s almost like a challenge- how fast can I kick this cold in the behind with my nutritional knowledge?

The feeling of around 3:00PM (my afternoon snack time) and thinking through my day and what food group I’m lacking. Do I need some carbs? Protein? Calcium? I love that I’m learning to listen to my body and when I’m in a slump, I can usually figure out what I’m lacking.

The feeling at the end of the day as I’m finishing up my desert with no regrets because I fueled my body for what it needed that day and indulged, not deprived.

The feeling of completing my workouts for the week and enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The feeling of never letting myself reach the point of “I’m starving!” but rather eating 3 meals+ 3 snacks a day and keeping my metabolism regulated and level all day. This is a huge one for me- I used to get to the starving point a lot and then bingeing occurred. I used to never be able to stop at 3 cookies or one piece of cake but now that I fuel all day long, I’m never so hungry that I eat everything in sight. And boy, can I just say that I love this feeling. Sort of like you thought your were in control when you starved yourself but now you realize you really had none?

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Ever heard of Waldorf Salad? I was completely unaware of what it was until my mom requested in for her birthday. I have been hooked ever since.

Along the way however, I have come up with my own little version.

Waldorf Salad:

1 medium apple

1/3 cup chopped celery*

1/2 a banana

1/4-1/3 cup walnuts, broken into small chunks

1/3 cup plain yogurt- Greek or non, according to your nationality preference :)*

1 tsp lemon juice

4 dashes of cinnamon

A large bowl

*okay, I didn’t actually do measurements when I made this so I am not 100% sure they are correct but, they should be close enough!

Chop your apple and celery into bite size pieces, combine.

Slice and chop your banana and break up the walnut pieces also into bite size portions.

Add your lemon juice; stir. Finally add yogurt and cinnamon and stir in very well.

Enjoy your new obsession. I promise it won’t disappoint.

I often make this for breakfast or as a side at a meal. But really, any time is Waldorf Salad time.

Happy Weekend.

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