It’s the Little Things…

Today is a big day, folks. I now have an official “blog supplies” drawer. Thanks goes out to my awesome mother for clearing me a spot.

I am beyond excited and  pretty much feel like I can conquer any blog feat now.

On the other hand, I got my W2 form in an envelope from work and managed to convince one of my co-workers that I won the employee trip of the month to Hawaii. I couldn’t keep a straight face for more than 30 seconds though. After he asked if I could please take him with me, I lost it and burst out laughing. Later, when my manager heard about it, he told me that I was officially a cool kid now. Score.

Also recently, I received some products to try from Ron at NuNaturals and happy danced around the kitchen when the package arrived. Stay tuned to see these products popping up in my daily meals!

(I have already used some NuStevia packets in my tea!)

I am especially excited about this guy…Cocoa Bean Extract! YUM. It said you could use in cooking or just place drops in your mouth…hmmmm.

Ah yes, tis the little things in life that feed my soul.

What makes you “happy dance” around the kitchen? Anyone ever cooked with Cocoa Bean Extract?

If you have time:


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