Sunday Stuff.

I am loving Kath’s blog. I want to move to Charlottesville just so I can work in her Bakery. Oh and check out her tips on folding laundry…I want her closet!

After reading this post I told my mom we should really eat more cabbage. She told me I had to find a recipe so we don’t just buy it and not use it. I gave her this one five seconds after the statement escaped her lips. It was delicious…I have eaten the leftovers three days in a row.

I am currently sipping a Caramel Latte, trying to avoid the reality of all the homework I have to do.

I “pinned” this quote the other day and I think it was literally sent from heaven to Pinterest to be seen at the exact moment I happened to be browsing the different pins…

viaPinned Image

I can’t believe there is a blog for curly hair problems…but then again, I can because I am now a dedicated follower. Curly hair problem #397  describes me everyday, I swear.

I know I gush over Tara’s clothes every week, but I just can’t get over her amazing taste of style. I would pay her to take me shopping and teach me how to build a proper wardrobe.

Spell check isn’t working today so I apologize in advance for all the spelling errors.

I made homemade Mac and Cheese a few nights ago that turned out pretty good:

(Sorry Mom, next time I won’t take the picture on our decorative blanket…I promise you can’t see the cheese stain.)

Sauteed mushrooms, squash, and zucchini with gluten free veggie noodles, cheddar cheese, and milk. 

Sorry for the randomness lately, I’m in need of some inpiration…recipe should be posted soon (I just need to create it)!

Have a splendid Sunday.

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