Nut Butters and Confessions

Sorry for the week of absence, friends!! This week is finally over. It was a crazy busy week and well, you’ve heard the phrase,

“When life happens, blogging doesn’t.”

But what better way to welcome the weekend then with new food products?

The awesome people over at Artisana Organic Foodssent me some lovely products to review.

I am really excited about these products because I have a slight confession…

I am addicted to peanut butter (there, I admitted it, the first step of recovery is over).

I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday for school and often times have PB at breakfast and my morning snack. And, lets not mention my recent favorite afternoon snack of PB on gluten-free graham crackers.

Since nuts are awesome for your diet and a great source of protein, I don’t want to stop eating peanut butter, just branch out and try some different nut butters.

So I am limiting myself to one serving of peanut butter a day and am going to be sampling these for the rest of my nut cravings.

I am so excited to try them all and will be sure to update you on my favorites. I will admit that the Cacao Bliss has been calling my name for the past few days.

Be sure to check out Artisana and explore their endless healthy nut butters and oils!

Hope your weekend is relaxing and yummy. See you soon with a gluten-free weekend recap!

2 thoughts on “Nut Butters and Confessions

    • Anna, I am so jealous of you in Paris! Trade you some nut butter for a chocolate chip scone with that yummy cream on top?? 🙂 Also, you should so email them and ask if you could review some of there products!

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