This Week.

This week…

Workouts were replaced with naps.  [No joke. I rarely nap because I always am so unproductive afterwards, but this week I could barely stay awake after school.]

A trip to Sprouts on Saturday was the only cure to a rough week. (Ok, and chocolate happened to be on sale.)

Let’s not mention that this chocolate cost exactly how much I get paid for one hour (yay minimum wage!). But hey, it’s my singles awareness Valentine’s Day gift to myself. —> Please don’t mention how pathetic that is.

Starbucks with a friend to was in order. I wanted to try something other than my usual (Caramel Latte) so I went with an Iced Chai Latte.

Good choice. I drank it before I thought to take a picture of it.

And lastely, a childhood favorite….

Waffles (gluten-free) with lots of powdered sugar! I have so many great childhood memories and waffles with powder sugar is a special one! Often on Saturday mornings we would all sit around the table and enjoy copious amounts of sugar covered waffles. (I would always make sure there was an ample amount of sugar in each square.)

I actually had these as a midnight snack last night because my friend was completely shocked to know we had a waffle griddle! She said she has never known someone who owned one and was quite shocked to know I did. Kids these days!

She also informed me to never eat these on a date. Let’s just say half the powder sugar ended up all over my clothes.

And that was my weekend! Not the healthiest, but memorable to say the least. 🙂

What did you do this weekend? Any childhood memories that you remember fondly?

I also remember when we (me and my sisters) were in elementary, every Friday night was movie night at my house and we got the card tables out and set them up in the living room and got to eat dinner while watching a movie. That was a big deal because we never ate in front of the TV (and still don’t)! I love that my parents made it something special and not something we did every night but rather shared dinner around the table with each other. The family that eats together, stays together. 😉


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