Valentines Day Sweets

Hope everyone had a splendid (and sweet) Valentines Day!

I celebrated by snacking on chocolate throughout the day then coming home for a lovely dinner fixed by my lovely mom.

Cesar salad + Lasagna + Brownie Sundays

Naturally, I only remembered to take a picture of dessert.

I also received a card and candy from my dad (a family tradition!).

He’s so sweet. 🙂 Snoopy is by far my favorite cartoon character.

For the candy part, he got me like the triple king size Kit-Kat bar, which I didn’t want to open after brownie sundays so I snacked on my mom’s dove caramel chocolate instead. It’s all about balance, people.

Today I’ve been snacking on all the leftover candy/cakes and think I need some veggies. 🙂

Right after I eat a couple more caramels to fuel me through my 16 page Philosophy review.

Happy Hump Day.

What did you do for Valentines Day? Do you prefer flowers and chocolate or something more unusual?


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