Lately Loving

Baked sweet potatoes with one egg and butter spray on top.

Iced chai tea lattes from Starbucks.

Jason’s Deli chicken club salad. I went to Jason’s Deli this past weekend for the first time in years and am completely obsessed with this salad. It even has avocados.

But what is Jason’s Deli without taking advantage of the free ice cream?

Well, it’s probably no surprise, but I think my biggest “food weakness” is potato chips. Sure eating a plain white potato with veggies would be better, but I just can’t resist potato chips. The good thing is, we rarely buy them (because somehow the bag is gone in one day) so I say they are fine the few times I eat them.

Speaking of white potatoes, why do they get such a bad rep? They actually have plenty of nutrients. So maybe a sweet potato is even more nutrient dense but there is nothing wrong with a white potato. (Sorry, fries don’t count….unless you bake them at home!) My theory is, God put it in the ground and people have been eating it for centuries so it’s ok to eat.


This magazine. I squeal everytime I see it in the mail. I told my mom she has to send me all the issues in the mail when I go to college.

If you are looking for a straight to the point, practical way to learn about food and how to eat healthy, this is the best magazine out there. Hands down, not but’s about it.

What are you loving lately?

White or Sweet potatoes?


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