Sweet Tooth Therapy

If you haven’t noticed from my post’s lately, I have been consuming a lot of sugar. I have gone from one dessert a day to multiple desserts every day.

From my daily dose of dark chocolate chips, to late night bowls ice cream after work, to Valentines Day goodies…I’ve been eating it all.

And unfortunately, I have been feeling the negative side effects too. Workouts have been put on hold, the only way homework gets done is with some candy by my side, late nights result in sugary snacking, and sleeping has been anything but relaxing and rejuvenating. I have been tired and lethargic for the better part of the past weeks.

The past few days I have been thinking about what I have been doing that has encouraged this sugar struggle…

1. Not managing my time as well

2. Getting to bed  late

3. Not scheduling workouts

4. Waking up to late to make a large breakfast

5. Eating to distract me from doing what I should be getting done (read: homework)

6. Stressing about my next dentist appointment because heaven only knows how many cavities I have…

After reading this article I knew it was time to get back on track.

My Plan of Attack:

Breakfast: Normally, I always make sure I have a good 10-15 minutes on weekdays to make/consume a good breakfast. However, for some reason the closer we get to the end of the school year, the later I wake up and less prepared I am. While I don’t ever skip breakfast, I haven’t been taking time to make something filling and wholesome. And eating ceral in the car is just a really bad idea.

1) Schedule 10-15 minutes for breakfast

2) Add more protein and health fats (I will try oatmeal this week and find a way to like it!)

3) Try to eat around 500 calories to ensure I am fueled for the day and incase I miss my morning snack


1) Prepare bagged items on Sunday (veggies, carrots, cheese sticks) and keep in a container in fridge for easy grabbing in the morning

2) Make sandwich the night before

3) Aim for higher protein

4) Try, try, try to make something other than peanut butter and jelly for 5 days in a row.


1) Eat more of the lean meat prepared

2) Load up on veggies

3) Drink a glass of milk for extra protein


1) Make meals larger so I don’t eat so much at my snacks (I typically eat three 200ish calorie snacks a day but lately they have been the size of meals)

2) Focus on getting more healthy fats and proteins

3) Indulge in dessert every night 🙂

4) Blog more about my meals to help keep accountable

Any suggestions for helping my slightly out of control sweet tooth?

What nutrient dense foods help fill you up?


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