Lovely Lunches & Positive Posts

Wouldn’t it be amazing if lunch looked like this everyday?

Sweet potato, egg, cottage cheese, strawberries 

I am convinced right now that strawberries are the next best thing to chocolate cake. This was also my first experience with cottage cheese. It was okay…I give it a 6/10. Time to do some experimenting with it. 🙂

I saw this on Pinterest (of course) and had to share it with you.

Everyone is accidentally or purposely hurt someone. What matters is your reaction. Dwell on it? Or move on, and cherish those who build you up?

Somedays, a Starbucks date with your amazing, always loving, always supportive, always caring mom and some chocolate chip cookies before bed are just what you need to remember how blessed you are.

Here’s to dwelling on the positive and forgetting about the negative…life is just to short.

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