Eating Lately:

I won a two pound bag of chia seeds from a Facebook giveaway from Chelsey and could not wait for them to come in  the mail.

The first thing I put them on was an oatmeal pancake topped with greek yogurt, strawberries, chia seeds, and maple syrup (put on after photo).  Yum Yum….my body was very thankful for all the nutrients.

Ok so I actually havent had fro-yo for about two weeks but this was the first time I photographed my addiction so I wanted to put the picture on here.

I actually ate this right after I had a doctor appointment about IBS/stomach problems and was told to eliminate dairy for a week and see how I felt. I tried not to think about the fact that dairy is my main protein source and I have at least 3 servings a day (milk, yogurt, cheese, fro-yo). And the fact that I put cheese on pretty much everything. But, if my stomach will act normally with no dairy, I will oblige. Personally I think its more than just dairy (although I would be SO happy if it was just that) because I have problems for years but we will just have to see.

Doing Lately:


Counting down to graduation (29 days!)






Minimal exercise.


Basically, every week is spent doing homework and work during the week and weekends are spent preparing graduation stuff, (more homework,) finalizing college preparations and trying to catch up on some sleep.

Oh and while I am mindlessly getting through the next month, I’ve got a very great singer who will keep me company:

Oh Pandora,  how I love thee.

Loving Lately:

I just found Chasing Big Dreams blog today and am already in love! Carrie is such an encourager and dream chaser…so inspiring.

I would love, love to work at this bakery. 🙂

I might just need to get this app. My sleeping has been anything but restful lately!

To say I love peanut butter is a huge understatement. But Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter? Just give me spoon!

What have you been up to lately?

Anyone else struggle with a dairy/lactose intolerance?

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