April Showers & May Flowers

April was so busy, yet fun. And now, May is flying by too!

In April…

I turned 18:

It’s a Whole Foods birthday gift card! Get it? I think its beyond creative.

Spent my birthday weekend in the amazing state of Colorado with my favorite outdoor guide:

I also ate some yummy food on the trip, including a roasted veggie pizza that was to die for. Naturally, I remembered to take a picture after I finished my fourth piece…

I did manage to snap some pictures of my airport snacks (how exciting) and my last breakfast in Colorado at a local cafe.

Veggie omelet, hash browns, home-made biscuits, giant chocolate chip pancake, and coffee.

 This weekend, I attended a church conference with my mom which was AWESOME. Not to mention we got chocolate bars the first night, spa gift cards the second night, and had a make your own smores bar the third night! (Plus cupcakes, popcorn, lemonade, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.) A foodies’ kind of conference right? 😉

So basically, April came and went within 2.5 seconds. Plus, I am thinking May is going to be pretty busy also with classes finishing up, relatives and friends coming in, graduation shenanigans, and making summer plans. At least it is all things to look forward too! (And with graduation in two weeks, maybe after I will finally have time to blog!)

Happy May Day,



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