Care Package

I sent my sister at college a care package a couple of months back and thought I would share it with you. Getting a gift is one feeling, but giving a gift is a whole ‘nother.

So if you have someone in mind who could use a care package, here is an idea. (Of course, this was custom made to fit her favorite foods! You can easily switch it up.)

Some Swedish Fish for those omega 3’s

A pack of tea for your new tea-pot

Whatever mood you are in, there is a tea bag in this box for it

A LaraBar for that extra strength to climb mountains, swim laps, or do homework

Golden raisins because they are “much better than regular”

A pack of peanut M’M’s for those midnight cravings (but this has some substance!)

And last but definitely not least, York Peppermint Pattie Coffee Creamer

I squealed out loud in Wal-Mart when these caught my eye and they happily jumped into the cart.

Hope your having a marvelous month!


2 thoughts on “Care Package

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Love this idea… what a great sister you are 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Dietriffic, too.

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