Tea Talk Time

Two Thursdays back  was my last “study session” at the Starbucks by my school.

I went there probably too often to study with friends, cram for that impossible Philosophy test, meet my mom for our Wednesday lunch, or just sneak away on my off period when I needed a break from high school.

So Thursday I went with my friends to “study” (yeah, fat chance we were going to study on our second last day of high school) and ordered my  usual tall iced un-sweet green tea (it’s either that or a caramel latte).

When my drink was called, I noticed it was Grande (not a Tall) and was also made by the very nice but shy man I often see. I gave him a big smile and thank you and walked to my cozy chair filled with contentment. Sure it’s a little thing, but it’s also a very thoughtful thing. I love when people do little things to spread some happiness.

It also got me thinking. Yes, there is a lot of bad and evil in the world, BUT there is also a lot of good. We however, do not find the good “entertaining” enough and therefore do not often hear about it.

I think its time to start sharing the good news and not relishing and partaking in all the bad.

Remember, it’s the little things, folks.

What good thing happened in your day today?

Happy Memorial Weekend!

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