As you can imagine, I have been anticipating graduation for much too long. Likewise, I have no idea what to say in this post or how many pictures to display so I just picked a few of my favorites.

I graduated on Friday, May 18 but on May 17th I attended the traditional senior dinner. At senior dinner there was a meal (obviously), a slide show of five pictures throughout of lives, a message from the school president, a candle lighting with songs, a prayer with the parents, and overall a fun/sentimental time with family and friends.

I was actually an emotional mess after Senior Dinner and creed to my mom for a little too long, but in the end felt much better. She seems to always know what to say. 🙂 And my family really helped my graduation day feel special.

Exhibit A:

My two sisters surprised me with a pinata full of goodies, a “Smores Please” bag, and some sparkling grape juice. Oh and did I mention my certain favorite pink box of goodies is going to show up in my college mailbox in August? It will surly be the highlight of my month. I love Birchbox.

Graduation flew by and before you knew it, I was throwing my hat in the hair and walking out as a 2012 high school graduate.

Our class kept graduation exciting with many practical jokes on teachers/faculty and funny speeches. Overall it was a fun night that I hope to never forget. 🙂

Here’s to college and whatever the future may hold!

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