Crafts and Cooking

How was your Father’s Day Sunday? Ours was nice, relaxing, and yummy!

Remember how my friend is home from Germany? Well we spent Saturday together and one thing we did was make homemade cards for our dads. (Yes, we are eighteen going on eight.)

You see, I saw this card at Target I really wanted to get my dad but it was $3.00. So I decided to make it. And while I’m not the most artsy-crafty person and probably should color with markers instead of sharpers, it was fun to make and give.

Get it? It’s a picture of the world on the outside and on the inside is says, “It’s better cause you’re in it.” I thought it was quite original. (Okay, and I gave him a gift card to make up for the slightly sloppy looking card.)

I have hands down the best dad ever and I could never give him a gift to match the love and admiration I have for him. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


I also made some amazing cookies and cream oreo fudge brownies this weekend to give to my friend cause they just got back. (Don’t worry, I taste tasted one two three.)

Grab the recipe right here. It’s super easy to make.

I also tried Which Wich Sandwiches for the first time and I loved it. Like, more than Subway. *gasp*

I got the vegetarian Tomato and Avocado and it was superb.

What is your favorite restaurant to grab a sandwich at? 


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