Eats as of Lately {in pictures}

Four Layer Ice Cream Sunday Chocolate Cake. Made at my Dad’s request for Fathers Day.

 Spaghetti Squash. (I finally made it and really liked it!)

More Uber Larabars. I really like these guys.

Had anybody up North ever heard of LaRosa’s Pizza? It’s only the best pizza in the world and every time we visit our family up North, we go to LaRosa’s multiple times.

Well, this past trip we actually met the owner/founder Buddy LaRosa and he got our address and sent us four pizzas and two jars of their famous sauce!

Reason 5,493 why we love LaRosa’s.

More cake.

Poor mans make-shift margarita pizza.

Homemade chai lattes! Recipe to come once I improve it.

Chile….from a can. Nothing like my sisters amazing chile but it works for a lazy afternoon lunch.

What have you been up to lately?

Normal posting is scheduled to resume promptly. {or eventually.}

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