Tiny Towns: Colorado Part 2

After we left my sister and headed to another little town, we spent the next couple days in a quaint little cabin.

The first two days we went on two beautiful hikes. The first trail was called “Mill Creek Castle” and the second trail was “Oh Be Joyful.” “Oh Be Joyful” was our personal favorite.

{Finding the worlds largest dandelion guaranties your wish to come true.}

We also visited the Blue Mesa reservoir in Gunnison, Colorado that was breathtaking. Pictures can not do it justice.

How did we fuel for these activities? For breakfast most mornings we made eggs with toast and drank some 2% milk {a yummy treat and good for some extra fuel}. Lunch we packed which consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apples, carrots, and trail mix. Then for dinner each night we went out to eat.

{These were the only meals I remembered to take a picture of.}

Yes, fries or chips were present at every dinner but hey, I’m not complaining.  From top left to bottom right~ Chicken Gyro, Fried Fish Sandwich, Spicy Chicken and avocado Pita, and Powerhouse Hamburgers.

{That was my first Gyro ever and I LOVED it.}

Dinner tasted amazing {and every bit was eaten} every night because of all we did throughout the day.

One of the last days there was also went mountain biking. It was fun but physically challenging…going uphill those mountains was tough! But we rented the bikes for a day so after we were done biking through the mountains we drove through the town and explored. {And got ice cream, our bones needed some calcium.}

Lastly that day, we rode the ski lift up to Crested Butte Mountain because it was free lifts that night.

It was the longest ski lift I have been on {which I liked!} and the view at the top was awesome.

See you tomorrow with the last part of the trip!


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