What I Ate: Tuesday

I thought I would do a post of my eats for the day for two reason. One, I always try to get back into a healthy routine after vacation and two, my breakfast was pretty awesome.

An egg sandwich with spinach, avocado, and tomatoes + a side of strawberries. So maybe it’s not that awesome to you but anytime I eat something with avocados, it’s awesome in my book. {Plus, just one avocado has more potassium then a banana.}

Lunch was packed and brought to work. {spaghetti squash with broccoli, wild berry yogurt, a cheese stick, blueberries, and almonds} I ate this while helping the kids heat up their corn dogs and chicken nuggets while enforcing the rule that no one can eat their cookies until their sandwich is done. I love my job. {Oh ya, and today was my first nine-hour shift with no breaks! It might be a long week…}

While we were eating, a girl pointed to the floor in which I found a billion raisins and the box…

I asked who dropped their raisins and I got two very logical answers: The three little pigs and a ghost.

Needless to say, no one admitted but I knew who it was when I found 10 more stuck to his pants and on his seat. Oh well, it took two seconds to clean up anyways. 🙂

When I got home I was pretty hungry so I quickly grabbed the PB jar and an apple and went at it. Two spoonfuls later, I was happy.

While eating my snack, I quickly whipped up a batch of Katie’s Quinoa Cranberry Cookies {I used raisins because we don’t have cranberries}. While mixing, I had a handful of dark chocolate chips.

After they semi-cooled, I taste tested one right before I went to the gym (for my first workout since vacation).

Dinner was fruit salad and cheesy ground turkey enchiladas.

Dessert was one more Quinoa Cookie…

So there you have it. Not to shabby of a day.

Have a great night!


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