A Hard Goodbye

So before I get to one of the hardest goodbyes I have to say before leaving for college ;), let me just tell you that is has been a very long week. I enjoyed my job the whole summer until these past two weeks which have almost put me over the edge. A big thanks to my mom for listening to me vent {and occasionally cry} these past few days. While I have learned over the years that being a sensitive person is not such a bad thing, I really wished this week I was not very sensitive. Talk about some major self-confidence blown. Not the best way to end, but I am just going to remind myself of the good days, which thankfully was most of the summer. However, today was my last day and guess where my mom took me right after work?

That’s right, WHOLE FOODS!

I still had a gift card to WF my sister gave me for my birthday and I knew I needed to use it before I left. My mom and I spent three hours browsing the aisles and admiring all the different fruits and veggies. (And of course trying every sample!)

I love checking out each aisle and exploring foods I have never heard about. Somehow we always end up in the cafe area and can’t resist a little treat. Hey, I had a gift card.

We ended up getting dinner/a last-day-of-work celebratory dessert.

I got a HUGE quesadilla {with half a pound of cheese} and chocolate eruption cake. Some days just have to end in chocolate. {I hear cake helps erase long weeks.}

{My mom got a tuna sandwich and a pecan sticky bun!}

I was going to get a Beignet because I have always wanted to try one since I was a kid and saw a Scooby-doo movie where Fred ate a whole box of beignets. However, cake gets me every time. {Or maybe it’s the icing.}

Next time maybe. 🙂

Here are the goodies I got for my dorm room:

Snapea Crisps, Mint Dark Chocolate squares, four Kind bars, and Lentil soup

So, it was pretty hard saying goodbye to my favorite store but, what a great way to end the week. Until next time, Whole Foods.

{AKA, Christmas break.}

How do you relax after a particularly rough week?


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