Gone with the Week

1. I am going to just admit it- I have already started drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. It is never to early to get in the holiday season mood.

2. We went to the rodeo last night! It was a lot of fun however, I covered my eyes when they roped the cows- so sad.

3. Here is yet another reason to eat more kale {and dark leafy greens}. Just do it.

4. I attempted a coffee ice-cube recipe with my dad’s leftover coffee pot and it turned out awful.

5. I was driving over the lake by my house the other night and got sentimental that it’s the last time to see it for a while. One time, when I had a really bad day, I drove across the lake at least five times and listened to worship music and prayed really hard. Nature is so soothing.

6. Everyone needs to go download the free C.S. Lewis quote of the day app. I love it.

7. My dad took me to the Local Diner after church today for our last Daddy/Daughter Date! I got a cinnamon roll the size of my head and some scrambled eggs. Yum. Thanks dad!

8. At our Whole Food’s field trip the other day, my mom and I picked up a container of hummus to try. I have already eaten half the container in two days- I definitely recommend this flavor!

9. I keep getting sad about leaving little Topy home when I go off to college so I couldn’t resist taking some cute pictures of him napping the other day. He starts off with a scowl, then sticks his tongue out, then tries to hide from the camera, then finally gives up. {Hopefully all you grammatical people didn’t just cringe at the amount of then’s I used incorrectly in that sentence.}

Highlights of your week?

Any first semester tips? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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