Spa Day

Well folks, it’s down to three more days till I leave for college. Yikes!

Today my mom and I spent the morning at the Corinthian Wellness Spa and got “rejuvenating pedicures.” No, we do not go to the spa on a regular basis but we had two free $50 gift cards we got from a conference so we decided to use them today. It was ahhhhhmazing.

I seriously want to design my house after this spa. {Pardon the terrible picture quality, it was very dark in the “relaxation room.”)

{They have a fountain coming down from the ceiling}

{My mom and I are officially addicted to this tea…we had two cups there and could have easily had five more.

Now accepting donations on New Balance Nicole. ;)}

A spa that has complementary refreshments? That gets an A++ in my book.

The water was so cool! It was “infused” with all different fruits and cucumbers- so good!

The pedicure was an hour long and they had you laying down in these recliners with hot towels and blankets. I almost fell asleep but I was too enthralled with the room decor and the ceiling painted like a sky. I felt so spoiled. {Which I should, and did feel awkward at first because some people don’t even have food to eat. But I had to remind myself that 1. we had coupons and basically paid nothing and 2. it was a special treat before college so just enjoy it.}

I highly, highly recommend this spa if you have one in your area and spa’s are your ‘cup of tea.’ {Not to mention it is a Christian business.}

I think it would be lovely to work there- always relaxing music, dimly lit rooms, fabulous refreshments, and your ultimate goal is to help people relax and escape reality for an hour.

After our pedicures, we ended up staying in the relaxation room talking and drinking that heavenly tea for another hour. So I would say we got our moneys worth. 🙂

Well, it’s back to “reality” for me! Off to go pack some boxes…

What is your take on spas? Anybody go to a spa on a regular basis? If you could get any service at the spa, what would it be?

I think a trip to the spa every blue moon {if you have the money} is fine, but I don’t think I personally could ever justify going on a regular basis {unless I was like a millionaire}.

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