Books & Songs

I thought today I would share my devotional plan of action for college. I have been doing this all summer and have really enjoyed it and feel like I have grown more in my faith.

I use this book which I absolutely LOVE. My sister gave it to me for graduation and it is the best devotion book ever. I love how Young writes from the perspective of Jesus speaking and always includes Bible verses. If you are currently looking for a good devo book, I recommend this 100%. {I just bought two books to give to friends.}

So I read the short “lesson” in the book and then I look up and meditate on the Bible verses for a few minutes. (My parents bought me a Life Application Study Bible for college!)

Then, I write down any quotes from the lesson or Bible verses that really encouraged or taught me something new. I then keep this notebook in my room and read through it when I’m confused, upset, angry, etc…

What I love also about Jesus Calling is that you can make the devotion as long or short as you want. In other words, if you only have five minutes, you can just quickly read the lesson {so you don’t get behind}. But if you have time, you can read the lesson with a clear & open mind, meditate on the verses and explore the surrounding verses, write down plenty of encouragement in your notebook, and spend time praying for specific needs.

Sometimes when I have a lot of time, I will turn on Pandora or grab a worship CD to play while I have my quiet time with God.

I just bought Point of Grace’s new CD {A Thousand Little Things} and love it! I have a slight obsession with Point of Grace. Mainly because I have listened to them since I was three and I think because I secretly wish I was in their band and lived in Tennessee near them. We could definitely be bff’s.

What are you currently listening to? Any books or songs that have recently caught your fancy?

P.S. Guess who we found trying to sneak in a box to come to college?

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