First College Update

Hey friends! Sorry its been about a billion years since my last post. I am just finishing up my third week of college and it has been great!

Here are some {random} pictures I managed to snap:

Stir-fry from the cafeteria- very good but only if you want to wait in line forever.

The library has officially become my study zone. Oh, and there may be a coffee shop in there too, which had nothing to do with my decision to study there daily. 🙂

Two words: Church meals. This was just my first “polite plate” before I went back for more.

Iced Chai Lattes. A good or bad idea to discover them so early?

Friday night ice cream.

Cafeteria ice cream.

Although we are already completely sick of the cafeteria food, the good company makes it worth it.

So overall, college has been a great experience. Other than getting zero sleep many nights, I can’t complain. It is so different from high school and I love it. There is so much to get involved in and going to a Church of Christ school means you sing anytime, any day which is AWESOME.

I do miss good, healthy, wholesome food but its only four years so I’ll survive.

Hopefully normal posting will resume soon and I can share about my many adventures in college.

I’m off to go to a singing {shocker} devotion on the racket ball courts.

Have a splendid night.


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