Rainy Running Fridays

It’s Friday! This week marked the end of my first full month at college. It feels like I have been here for three months, but in a good way. 😉

It has also managed to rain the past three Fridays but we took our chances and headed to the county fair for some Friday fun.

Rides, Funnel Cakes, Rodeos, and Friends

We had a lot of fun walking around, going to the petting zoo, seeing all the prize winning animals, eating funnel cakes, and watching part of the rodeo. Not to mention we bought super cute t-shirts because we don’t already have enough.

It started raining just as we decided to leave so it was perfect timing.

After we got back, I decided it was a perfect night for a rainy run because it wasn’t raining very hard. Plus, I haven’t gotten into an exercise routine since I got here and I know I really need to. Not nessessarily to keep off the “freshman 15” but more to stay healthy and act as a stress reliever.

Anyway, my run was AWESOME. I am telling you this because I wanted to start running over the summer in order to be in shape before college and not have to start from ground zero in college. However, that didn’t really happen (I think I went on maybe 6 or 7 runs the whole summer). So I decided that I just need to start in college and I was able to run a whole one mile tonight without stopping! Yay! While that probably sounds like the lamest mileage in the world, I was quite proud because running is definitly a process and it’s alway hard to get back into it. And I haven’t consistantly run in years, so this was just the encouragement I needed to start the process.

Plus, it was raining which made it even more awesome and cooler. I ended up running a mile then walking three laps then running two more- plus a few squats thrown in there.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the track, but I didn’t have my phone with me so I decided to take a picture of my shoes post-run. Lucky you.

Oh and another thing that made this run great? I was the only person on the track! I have been really enjoying socializing and doing fun things in college but I haven’t had some “alone” time in a while. My roommate is in our room a lot so I’m not usually able to get some down time in there and was kind of in need of some tonight. The run was perfect because it was dark, rainy, and just me and my music. I almost didn’t want to leave.

The next time it rains, you know where to find me.

How did you fit in exercise in college? Do you prefer to run in the morning or at night?


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