Gone with the Week

Happy Fall! I don’t know about you, but it is a glorious 81 degrees where I am and I’m in love. I am done with classes for the week because tomorrow is fall break, so it’s a three-day weekend! I had the opportunity to go home with a friend but since I have the room to myself this weekend and a few of my friends are staying around here, I chose to hang out on campus. I managed to take a nap today, so obviously, fall break is already starting out good.

Now for some recaps of the week (and past weeks)…

I got out of  class early so before my next class I took a quick study break on a swing. You have to soak up this weather as long as you can. A couple of times a week a group of us will grab some blankets and “study” on the front lawn after classes. It’s a blast.

Late night studying is the library is always better with friends and food. 😉

You are going to get so sick of my coffee pictures but they are just so fun to take! Although with the new Starbucks opening up, I may drink it all before I even take a picture. I love Starbucks.

My mom brought me up some gluten-free sugar-free cookies and energy bites which I seriously look forward to eating everyday. Too bad there are only about five left!

My parents also bought me a mini pumpkin for my room which can only make you smile when you walk in. 🙂

I will leave you with a picture of the worlds best dark chocolate. I bought this at Whole Foods right before college and actually managed to not eat it all in a week. Needless to say, it is so rich and flavourful and you should go buy some right now. And buy me some and mail it.

I am off to get ice cream tonight with some friends then celebrate a birthday tomorrow (and of course, sleep as much as possible)!


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