Mexican Thursday

Since I have now been in college for nine weeks, I decided it’s about time to share my favorite restaurant.

Ok, actually I decided to because I went here three times last week with friends and need to confess this problem.

Mi Pueblito has officially stolen my heart. The funny thing is, Mexican is usually one of my last choices when I go out to eat (unless we are talking about Chipotle) so when my friend told me I have to go there, I said no at first (plus, I didn’t want to spend money). However, after she asked again, I decided to go just to be nice and obliging. Little did I know, I would be back there again in two days.

But here is the best part and the main reason I was able to go three times last week (don’t worry mom, I will not make a habit of that ;).

My meal:

Bottomless chips and salsa= FREE

Two soft chicken tacos on corn tortillas with tomatoes= $2.98

Total: $2.98!

So basically in three days I only spent $9 which at a regular restaurant, would probably be just one meal. A win-win situation.

And since we all fell in love with Mi Pueblito, we started Mexican Thursday for anyone who wants to come. So grab some friends, $2.98, and I will see you at the fiesta.

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