Gone with the Week

What a couple busy weeks it has been! My phone is full of so many random pictures that I decided it was about time to post about.

The college group at my church back home sent me a box full of [junk] food! It was so thoughtful of them. 🙂 I saved the baked goods (not gf but so good) and gluten-free items for myself then brought the other items to movie night.

In my last post, I mentioned visitation was last week which was a lot of fun but so tiring!! Thursday night, we knew ice cream at 11:00 would make everything better.

I am so glad I got a couple of boxes of Larabars at Target when my parents were here. I have officially re-awaken my love for them.

[Sorry for the awful lighting on the next two pictures]

I got a text from my friend on Sunday night that said, “Come to my room, we have pumpkin dip and chocolate Milano’s.” Yep, I didn’t have to think twice about that! The pumpkin dip was delicious with vanilla wafers and well, expensive cookies are good any day. Plus it was open dorm so we all got crazy and colored pictures.

I made peanut butter and “jelly” (frozen strawberries) last night for a snack and forgot how much I missed eating this everyday for lunch in high school. I often want to get it in the cafeteria but they don’t have gluten-free bread.

Has anyone else heard of the new UNREAL candy?? I am so excited to try it! You can read more about their story here but they are basically taking candy and making it “healthier” than regular candy. It includes no corn syrup, partiality hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, and no GMOs or preservatives. So far they only have five candy bars but the more support they get, the more candy they will make. Perfect for Halloween right? They are sold at multiple grocery stores including Kroger and Target, so go check them out! (Hey mom if you are sending any candy for Halloween, this is my request- or anything dark chocolate 😉

This weekend is Homecoming so I am going to the musical tonight with some friends and then my sister is coming to visit for the weekend, YAY!
Happy [frigid!] Friday.

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